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In a nutshell: Send text messages, use voice chat, create servers for your friends or join your friends' servers with this reliable application #Voice chat #Instant message #Create server #Chat #Voice #Message #Instant

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Gaming has evolved tremendously since the introduction of the first consoles and rudimentary programs, and although the main concepts have remained unchanged, others, such as gameplay communication and related aspects, have evolved. The need to be able to stay in touch with other gameplay participants is more stringent than ever, and regardless if numerous games have built-in features that permit that, it’s always nice to have a dedicated solution.

Discord will cater to such requirements, and it will allow you access to a gameplay IM, for sending text messages, performing voice chat, managing chat servers, or joining existing ones.

Design optimized for efficiency and ease of access, which provides intuitive handling

The application features a minimalist, elegant design, which we feel manages to maximize handling efficiency, thanks to its inherent simplicity and the fact that it offers a good overview of all the available functions.

Furthermore, adding accounts and managing them is a breeze, as well as populating a contact list, which can then be quite handy to have readily accessible for connecting and chatting with your buddies.

Create, manage, and edit chat servers, invite friends or join their servers, and connect your other accounts to the chat

In addition to manually adding contacts and managing your own account, you will also be able to send friendship invitations or requests. But where Discord shines, is the fact that it will allow you to easily create servers, and invite friends to participate in the chat experience.

Conversely, you can also join existing servers, which we believe manages to make the most of the IM experience, enabling you to easily juggle between servers for different games and so on.

Capable chat solution, dedicated to those who take their gaming experience seriously and require a reliable IM tool

With its stylish design and easy-going demeanor, Discord can prove to be the right choice for you if you wish to chat with your gamer friends, without compromising on the gameplay experience even in the slightest.

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