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In a nutshell: An application that can protect your files in a most secure environment, through a platform that offers an encryption-powered security system #File Encryption #Data Encryption #Secure Sharing #Encryption #Secure #Security #Sharing

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In a world of online connectivity, security should be a priority no matter the field of work or activity. NordLocker comes with a solution for that, and with a well-secured system that can protect your files of any kind against the many threats that lurk on the internet.

Easy to install and use by everyone

What NordLocker does exactly is to encrypt your files. Encryption stops anyone from accessing personal photos, documents, music or any kind of data. In this way, you are safe to share your private files with family, friends or people you trust.

When you first log in, you will be asked to create a master password that will allow you access all your files. You need to make sure you will not forget it, but you will be given a recovery key to use in case you lose your password.

Sharing your files safely

It's extremely easy to share your files with NordLocker and its drag and drop function. With end-to-end encryption, not even the company itself can see the files you encrypted due to its advanced ciphers and principles used.

You must be aware of the fact that the person you are sending the files to must also be a NordLocker user or the files will appear as pending until they become a member.

It can come in handy to almost anyone. Even if you are someone who needs to share projects with their clients, someone who needs to keep their work private or you want to keep personal IDs and sensitive data secured, NordLocker will ensure you are always safe from any cybernetic attack or prying eyes.

One of the most secure ways to share your files

You don't need to configure it in any way, therefore NordLocker is ready to use as soon as you install it, and it does prove to be a reliable and powerful program that can help you share files safely.

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